Myths About Naturopathy

There are many widely held myths about naturopathy. You’ll find some of those we hear about most frequently below. If you have questions about naturopathy and what it can do for you, we suggest that you read the Naturopathy Philosophy and our FAQs. If you’ve still got questions, please give the Cascade Health clinic a call on 9975 1775.

Naturopathy is all about changing your diet

Sometimes changing your diet will help, sometimes it’s not necessary, particularly if you’re already eating a great, healthy diet. But it’s certainly not a ‘quick fix’ nor is it for everyone.We hear this one a lot. Certainly the wrong food can put your body’s defenses at a loss, but naturopathy is about treating the whole person. At Cascade Health, we’re specifically looking for the underlying cause for your particular health concern.

You’re just going to get me to take vitamins

Not at all. In fact, if you’re already eating a well-balanced diet full of nutrient rich food – you’re unlikely to need vitamins at all and they’ll just be excreted out of your body.

But, if you’re not as nutritionally balanced as you’d like to be and some of your body’s systems are needing some extra support, certainly a vitamin and mineral supplement might be useful for you. Depending on your particular health issue, we might also prescribe testing, herbs, massage, food/toxin elimination, diet, exercise, etc.

There’s no real science to naturopathy

Miia has a biochemist’s degree from an Australian university and she disagrees with this entirely. Understanding disease pathways, human biochemistry and physiology are critical to treating the whole patient, not just the symptoms. Naturopathy works on supporting your own body heal itself – but only when the issue that’s at the heart of the problem has been rectified.

Naturopaths oppose conventional medicine

When you visit a naturopath, you’ll work together with them to create a comprehensive treatment plan that blends the best of science and natural therapy to restore your health. And we’re more than happy to work with your GP’s pharmaceutical prescription regime – especially for acute health issues. Of course, we’d like to see you eventually be able to come off your medications at some point, but that’s not necessarily a viable option for everyone.

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