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In a world where Google seems to provide many with advice on healthcare treatments (health topics are the most searched items on Google), it can be difficult to know what’s really true, what’s not and what will really help and what might not.

Cascade Health’s founder, Miia Prowse, a health ‘truth seeker’ from a very early age, loves empowering people to correctly take control of their health.

She is available to deliver a range of seminars and workshops that enable people to understand what they can do to help themselves. At a later stage we can add a link to ‘here’s what previous audience members have had to say about Miia’s seminars and workshops’.

If you’re looking to empower your staff members, your congregation, your mothers’ group, your school’s mums or dads or your sporting club to take better care of their own and their family’s health, call Miia on 9975 1775 or email her a note with your details and she’ll get back to you as soon as she can.

Topics close to her heart include:

The 7 keys to better health
Find out:

  • What the 7 health keys are?
  • What excuses do we give ourselves that stop us achieving them
  • How to move past those excuses
  • What else you can do

A better weigh forward – what you need to know to lose weight and gain wellness

  • Normal fat vs toxic fat – do you know the difference?
  • Solving the toxic fat problem
  • Fast vs effective?
  • The many other benefits aside from weight loss

Demystifying allergies and intolerances
Find out:

  • What the differences are
  • How to test for them
  • What treatment options are available

Hormone hell and how to avoid it
Find out:

  • What three household products frequently wreak havoc on your hormones
  • How to be free from PMT in other words stay cool, calm and happy every month
  • Why calcium supplements aren’t really helping

Wise up to winter – hints and tips to avoid succumbing to the ills of the season
Learn about:

  • What you can do to boost your immunity
  • Whether vitamin C – is a myth or a miracle
  • Whether chicken soup really does work

Staying beautiful – the natural way

  • What is beauty and what does beautiful look like?
  • Understanding the real causes of ageing?
  • Ageing elegantly
  • Beauty on the inside reflects on the outside

Miia is best contacted on 9975 1775.

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