Women & Children

Let’s face it – as a woman, regardless of where you find yourself age or stage-wise, you’ve got probably got more than your fair share of stuff on life’s plate to deal with.

You really don’t need extra health issues complicating things. You want to be treated by someone who not only understands the science of getting you (or your family) heading towards optimal health, but who also takes the time to understand what’s actually going on for you.

Cascade Health can help you with issues such as:

And as practitioners who are also parents, we’re also well placed to help and support you with your children’s health issues like:

  • Autism & autism spectrum
  • Asthma, eczema and allergies – which often go together.

So if you’re looking for real solutions to those health and wellbeing issues that keep plaguing you or your family, call the clinic on 9975 1775 or book an appointment.

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