Men’s health

  • Too much stress going on in your life 
  • Tired of carrying that spare tyre
  • Want to avoid the nasties that go along side carrying too much weight and too much stress – diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and arthritis; or
  • Like to be able to keep up with your kids or your wife/partner?

Cascade Health has a program just for men that allows you to gain your health, and decrease your stress and lose your weight at your own pace – without being horribly hungry.

One of the best ways to improve your wellbeing is through the foods that you eat. Your diet plays a very significant role in not just your weight, but also your libido, how well you sleep and how you feel emotionally.

And did you know, one of the reasons many men (of a certain age) over-eat is because they’re not getting enough sleep – so they use high fat, high sugar food to perk them up. Which of course puts their body under even more digestive stress, maybe even reflux and digestive issues start, weight is gained, sleep apnoea appears, libido wanes and so begins the cycle of tired-eat-more tired-more eating.

There are many ways a naturopath can help you move forward on your path to wellness.

Experience the difference that comes with real, lasting health call the clinic on 9975 1775 or book an appointment.

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